Avoid and manage potential unfair dismissal claims by gaining a better understanding of related legal obligations, principles, procedures and risks 

In this one day, multi-city, workshop you will have the opportunity to review and learn from specific case examples from the last 15 months that involved dismissals and terminations in Australia. Whether you are a direct manager or part of the HR department, this workshop is a great platform for you to get updates from employment law Partners from Minter Ellison on legal obligations employers need to abide by when considering to dismiss or terminate an employee.
As part of the workshop agenda, in groups, the team from HWL Ebsworth will take you through specific scenarios where misconduct, poor performance or medical situations could result in an unfair dismissal claim. You will learn different approaches to counter these situations so that when back in your own workplace, you can apply them directly.
Perhaps you feel that your team’s dismissal and terminations’ process is tight and considered best practice as is. Could benchmarking your current dismissal procedure and reasoning against what is considered “procedurally fair” still be of benefit to you, though? If so, learn how to best manage an unfair, unjust, harsh and/or unreasonable claim directly from Senior Associates of Herbert Smith Freehills.
Also, by attending this workshop you will gain a detailed 90minute presentation from experienced Ashurst employment lawyers on how to ensure your organisation’s redeployment and retrenchment procedures are compliant with that of the Fair Work Act. Go through preventative measures for your organisation including reasonable notice claims, restraints, termination clauses, and fixed terms, etc
The How to Reduce Risk during the Dismissals & Terminations Process is a not to be missed workshop in the ELM calendar for 2017; register your place today! 


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Attend this workshop and gain perspectives and experiences from leading employment lawyers from Minter Ellison, HWL Ebsworth, Herbert Smith Freehills and Ashurst. Specific sessions discussed during the workshop include:

Session A: What are our legal obligations relating to the dismissal or termination of an employee?

Session B: Can we review specific scenarios that have led to claims of an unfair dismissal, and what different approaches we could take?

Session C: How to avoid and manage a claim of an unfair dismissal?

Session D: How to limit various risks that arise from redundancies and workplace restructures?


This workshop has been developed for those looking to better understand the current legal obligations, gain updates on case law, benchmark current dismissals and terminations procedures, and get up to speed on the risks related to restructuring and redundancies. 

The workshop is designed for both HR executives and direct line managers. Attend as a group to benefit from the full day’s workshop.

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